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CARF Accreditation


The CARF auditors came to CES last week.  CARF is an international certification body that makes sure mental health service agencies are up to snuff.  CES prepared for six months, to make sure we were meeting over 150 treatment and business standards.

We won’t know for 100% sure for 6 to 8 weeks, but we feel secure and hopeful that we passed!  Our case managers did a great job in both delivering services AND documenting services.  (In social work, it’s not enough to just HELP the consumer, everything must be DOCUMENTED!).  Our administrative staff also did a bang-up job of record keeping and data tracking.  So we’re hopeful!  Stay tuned and we will make the final announcement in about 6 weeks.



CES Article


Mental health consumers receiving services from Community Empowerment Services (CES) are encouraged to create and carry with them a card with their personal “passion statement.” This is part of CES’ recovery and strengths-based model of case management to make the lives of their consumers more meaningful. If you ask CES’ chief operating officer Aliman Sears and chief executive officer Jan Rumi what their passion statement is, you will receive a simple answer. “We want to help people with mental illness,” says Rumi. “That really fires us up.”

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