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CES Case Manager Honored by Rotarians

Brittnie Cornell, case manager at Community Empowerment Services, was honored along with four other public servants as an “Everyday Hero” by the Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise.  Attached are photos from the breakfast which was held to honor the Heros, on February 23, 2011 (Brittnie is on the far right).  We got a chance to do some good PR for mental illness.  Also, it was so nice to get positive recognition for the community service we all provide.  We feel proud for all of our staff!

Brittnie Cornell Honoree At Rotary Club

Mental Health and Medicaid Costs: Why Ignoring Mental Health Is Expensive


Cost containment is one of the major goals of health policy reform in the United States. Because spending on mental health and substance abuse services (commonly called “behavioral health services” when referring to both) is less than 8 percent of all health spending, behavioral health seems an unlikely candidate for substantial savings. But that perception is wrong!  Click for more: