Tsunami Coming


The wave will hit Hawaii at about 3am, early Friday morning, about 4 hours from now. Get away from coastline areas. There is an official evacuation order, so you must obey police and emergency personnel according to state law.

Remain Calm.

From the Website for information: http://www.honolulu.gov/dem/tsunami2.htm:

Tsunami Evacuation: If you are within an evacuation zone, leave by either walking or driving to a safe area or shelter outside the zone. Be aware, however, that steel and/or concrete buildings of six or more stories in height should provide adequate protection if you move to the third floor or above. If you are outside the evacuation zones, you are not in danger. To avoid traffic gridlock, you should curtail non-essential travel, avoid roadways in or near the evacuation zones, and not interfere with evacuation. Remain in safe areas until the “All Clear” is announced over radio. See maps for listings of shelters in the coastal areas of Oahu.

How can I get to a safe area or shelter if I have no transportation?

Walk out of the evacuation zone to a safe area, or to the nearest shelter.

Request assistance of nearby friends or neighbors to relocate to areas outside the evacuation zone.

Take the Bus. Designated City buses will change from normal routing, operate as evacuation shuttles, and pick up evacuees in the seven areas depicted on the map. Flag the buses down along their adjusted routes and they will take you, without charge, to within walking distance of one of the shelters. Use the shuttle buses to assist in your evacuation, but do not rely solely on their availability as accidents or unexpected delays could occur. If wave arrival time is approaching and no bus is in sight, move outside the evacuation zones immediately. Also be aware that tsunami evacuations is likely to cause disruptions to all City bus schedules.


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