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Tropical Storm Flossie


SUNDAY, JULY 28th, 2013:

CER will close the office at 2pm tomorrow because of TS Flossie.  The On-Call will start at 2pm.  The storm is expected to hit the Big Island at 6am tomorrow, and hit Oahu at 6pm.  The Dept. of Emergency Mgmt. recommends that you should be off the roads at 6pm.

Do not panic, but be prepared:

The Department of Emergency Management recommends the following preparedness actions and procedures:

IF YOU ARE HOMELESS AND NEED SHELTER:  Locations and opening times (if needed) of shelters will be broadcast over TV and radio. If you do not have access to these, you may call the Hawaii Dept. of Health ACCESS Line at 832-3100.  Here’s the link to shelter information:
Know if you are located in a tsunami evacuation zone (tropical storm zones are the same).  These are listed in the beginning of the phone book. Here is the link for an interactive evacuation zone map
If you drive, ensure that you have sufficient gas in your car.
Ensure your computer and cell phones and other devices are fully charged (get ready for power outages).
Plan to care for your family pets in the event you have to evacuate your home (don’t leave pets at home).  
If possible, stock a few days of non-perishable foods and emergency supplies, including water.
Make sure you have a battery operated radio, flashlight and spare batteries on hand at all times.
Visit the department’s web site at for more information and to view a list of Oahu hurricane shelters.