Aloha United Way 211 Resource


UnitedWay_logoFor 96 years, Aloha United Way has mobilized the caring power of our community to make a difference in Hawaii by helping our community identify and work together to solve our most pressing problems. Aloha United Way’s work is about improving the lives of the people in our community. We collaborate with businesses, government and nonprofits to take a collective approach to addressing community issues.

As an efficient, effective fundraiser for hundreds of local nonprofits, Aloha United Way provides those who want to support collective and sustainable impact with a trusted, transparent and meaningful way to invest in addressing critical issues in our community. Aloha United Way monitors the community impact goals, progress and financials of its partner agencies to ensure dollars are invested wisely to create sustainable and scalable impact.

Aloha United Way has created a 211 line to help consumers search through available statewide resources in Hawaii.  These categories of resources include:

Food, Clothing, and Household Goods, Housing and Shelter, Housing Expenses, Utilities, and Transportation, Health Care and Services, Mental Health, Substance Abuse , Children/ Youth/ Teen and Family, Employment, Training, and Commerce, Education, Disaster/ Emergency, Legal, Victim Services, Government Services, Seniors, Disabilities, Military and Veterans, Donations and Volunteer Opportunities , and Recreation

You have the ability to customize your search based on your location, age, and gender in order to find resources that are most relevant.  You are also able to look up specific agencies and services through this portal as well.

These services are available on Aloha United Way‘s website.

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